Nurses & Healthcare Assistants

Did you know our Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Health Care Assistants can deal with a wide range of acute problems as well as having specialised knowledge in managing long term conditions?

We can often offer patients an appointment quicker and at a more convenient time or location with these staff members. Speak to a receptionist about your condition and they will be able to advise you if a

Nurse or Health Care Assistant would be more appropriate than a GP.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

ANP’s are qualified Practice Nurses who have undertaken additional training to give them the skills to undertake additional tasks such as taking medical histories; performing
examinations; diagnosing illnesses; analysing test results; developing
management plans. ANPs can also prescribe and are registered

Paula Murphy


Vicki Stubbs

Practice Nurses

Practice Nurses can perform a wide range of acute procedures and are key in the management of patients with long term conditions such as Asthma and Diabetes.

Karen Townend

Morag Pick

Donna Hodges

Sandra Musgrave

Adillah Thomas

Andrea Marsden


Community Psychiatric Nurse

Susan Bell

Susan is our in-house Psychiatric Nurse who can deal with a range of mental health problems. Patients can be referred to Susan by a GP. 

Susan also works for Trinity Care Wakefield and holds clinics for patients registered at any of the 5 practices that make up Trinity Care. 

Health Care Assistants

Our Health Care Assistants are trained and qualified in monitoring and managing long term illnesses as well as providing acute care for things such as Ear Syringing and Vaccinations. They also provide support to the GP’s for Minor Surgery and Contraceptive clinics.

Donna Moore

Leigh Hudson

Vicky Lovelock



Louise Womack


Ann Manners

Diane Hallas