Practice Merger – April 2017


In April 2017 we merged our old 2 surgeries, Almshouse Surgery & Grove Surgery to become one
Trinity Medical Centre. We became a larger practice with more clinical and
non-clincal staff to share the work and increase patient population.

We merged to try and keep up to the fast moving pace of the NHS.

Small practices are slowly being closed down in favour of larger practices that can accommodate more services without sending patients to secondary care services.

As a result of this merger, we took control of the decision rather than being forced to do it by NHS England to complete the same function.

The merger was not a new topic and had been discussed amongst the practice staff for a long time previous to this decision. The decision was  made early in 2016 to make the merger official with an 18 month engagement process for the patients.

What does this mean?

We combined our patient list to become a practice with nearly 22000 patients. This has since increased to almost 23,500

We combined to work actively as 1 surgery, contracted by NHS England to provide GP services to patients. This is no different to the previous surgeries, However, we are now just a single contract instead of 2 separate contracts.

Patients will still have a choice of which GP they would like to see.

We merged the practice boundaries and will continue to accept new patients within these boundaries.

We are still looking to try and refurbish the building to accommodate the new model of working.

Previous Grove Surgery patients now have the option to see a GP at Sandal Castle Medical Centre – a more convenient location for some of our patients.

What has stayed the same?

Patients are still able to see a GP or any other clinician that they choose.

Patients are still able to contact CAS/Trinity Care to arrange a same-day appointment or Home Visits.

Patients can still access online services to make appointments and prescription requests.

We have remained a Training Practice, regularly taking on medical students and trainee GPs.

We remain contracted by NHS England and are part of the
Trinity Health Group Federation.

We will remain located in Trinity Medical Centre and at Sandal Castle Medical Centre.

What are the benefits?

By becoming a larger practice we have become more attractive to newly qualified GP’s and Nurses as we can offer job security. Both practices were previously struggling to recruit new clinical staff and now we are a bigger practice, this will allow us to offer more benefits to both newly qualified and experienced clinicians. We now have a full GP staff quota and are above the national average of Patient:GP Ratio.

Having more clinical staff will mean we can offer more specialised services. Both GP’s and Nurses will have the opportunity to gain experience in a more specific field. This will hugely benefit patients and reduce the need to refer patients to a secondary care specialist at a hospital.

All GP’s will work across the 2 sites.

Both practices already shared many policies and working procedures so there has been little impact to the daily operations.

By pooling our staff resources we have split the workload evenly, allowing staff to focus on providing patients with the best possible service and placing strong emphasis on the care being provided.

Patient Engagement

Both practices previously had active Patient Representative Groups (PPG). The decision was made early in 2016 that these groups would merge much like our practice. This has since been achieved. We currently have one active PPG group from Trinity Medical Centre as a whole.

The PPG continue to have regular meetings scheduled to discuss not only the developments following the merger  – but to also feedback to the practice, with thoughts and  feelings of the wider practice population. As part of this process we schedule a 3 month engagement period for the full PPG group and subsequently have smaller meetings with a core representation of the PPG on a monthly basis.

We continue to produce publications informing patients of the proposed merger and have increase our social media footprint in this area to educate and highlight all aspects of out practice and any changes taking place. 

We also continue to review staff training and aim to keep all our staff up to date with any changes, so they are able to adequately and respectfully answer any questions that patients may have.

Please see below the information we distributed in conjunction with our past merger:

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