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As you may have noticed we have now had camera’s installed at Trinity Medical Centre in an effort to improve the car park for patients use.

We currently allow users to park in the car park for 2 hours which should be more than enough for patient use, but hopefully will stop those who were abusing the car park for other means.

We have already seen a huge improvement in the car park since the signs and cameras have been installed and hope our patients see this improvement also when they visit the surgery.

If you would like to leave us some feedback about this change, please do so either on the NHS CHOICES website or by completing a Friends & Family questionnaire.

Please Note: If you have received a ticket from Parking Eye whilst visiting the surgery for an appointment, management staff are able to complete a consent form which will confirm you were in attendance of an appointment at the surgery at the time the ticket was issued. We cannot, however, make the appeal for you. A completed consent form and an appeal should be sent to the address below: