Charity Updates – 2019

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Trinity Medical Centre is committed to getting all our staff involved in charitable events. We will be posting regular updates on our website regarding our ongoing antics raising donations for various charities throughout the year!




On Friday 15th March 2019, we celebrated Red Nose Day in the Surgery. To take part, we hosted a Bake Sale and Raffle amongst all staff members at Trinity and raised a total of…..£135.05!!
We managed to clear the Bake Sale and our very own Dr. Smith was prize winner to our fabulous raffle! Well done!!
So far, Red Nose Day has raised over £63.5 million and we are proud to have done our part to contribute!


For more information on Comic Relief and the work they do – visit:



On the 13th June – Staff at Trinity Medical Centre hosted our own Cupcake bake sale for the Alzheimer Society We enjoyed a day pf cupcake heaven and as a result of selling baked goods raised £47.00.


For more information on the amazing work this charity are involved with – visit:



As part of our staff TARGET training day we asked YAA to visits TMC to discuss the fantastic work they carry out and how we can raise awareness for their services via our surgeries. As a result of this visit o our staff were able to understand the importance of donation as the YAA is classed as an independent charity and as such relay on donation to keep running. YAA service covers 4 million acres in Yorkshire  an estimated 5 million people. The service never sleeps – operating 7 days a week – 365 days a year. We purchased a few stationery items to the value of £25.71 – to start our journey promoting the service. The YAA presenters were very informative and very knowledgeable. 

To find out more about YAA or how to help – visit: