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During January we lost 438 appointments due to people booking and not attending their appointments.

At a time when demand is so high for appointments we ask that patients to cancel any appointments they may not need or cannot attend. Cancelled appointments can then be used for other patients.

Every GP appointment costs the NHS £36. If all 438 appointments missed were GP appointments, this  would equate to £15,768‬ wasted in January alone!

Dedicated Cancellation Line

We have updated our automated phone service and introduced an appointment cancellation line when you press option 1. Please call and leave your full name, date of birth and contact telephone number with details of the appointment you are wanting to cancel. We hope this new option should make it easier for patients to cancel their appointments giving others the chance to seek the help they need.CALL 01924 784101 and select option 1  – as soon as you know you can’t make an appointment.  This service will be available from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.