Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Phase 4

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Roll-out of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Phase 4 to GP practices enables those GP practices to use electronic prescribing even for those patients that do not have nominated pharmacies. This helps the move towards greater percentage of EPS dispensing.

What is Phase 4?

Previously, it was only possible to issue an EPS prescription where the patient nominated a pharmacy or another dispenser. EPS had been most advantageous for patients who received regular medication and who tended to get their prescriptions dispensed at the same pharmacy most of the time.

Under Phase 4 of EPS, prescriptions would be sent via EPS by default, whether a patient has an EPS nomination in place or not. However, where certain criteria are met, a paper prescription would still be used, for example:

  • when a patient explicitly asks their GP for a paper prescription; or
  • when the medicine being prescribed is not listed in the NHS list of medicines (dm+d).

What happens if I don’t have a nominated Pharmacy?

A patient who has not set a nomination or does not wish to do so would be issued with an EPS Phase 4 green prescription token so that they may visit the pharmacy of their choice. Pharmacy teams would scan the bar code on the token to access the EPS script.

The token will be provided in a paper format, but in time tokens may be available in an electronic format (e.g. in an email from the GP practice, via a website or via an app). This approach would generally mean the prescription cannot be prepared before the patient presents in the pharmacy.

What Can I do?

Speak to our reception team about getting a regular pharmacist set up for your regular medications. This will take a few moments to complete and means when you order, your prescription will do direct to the pharmacy – so now more trips into the surgery to collect the green piece of paper

*Some medications will still need a paper prescription or FP10 and cannot be sent electronically. Our reception team can confirm this with you.

This service will be live at Trinity Medical Centre & Sandal Castle Surgeries from March 3rd 2020.

For Further information visit: https://digital.nhs.uk/services/electronic-prescription-service