COVID-19: Information for our 13-19 year old patients

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The NHS has written to all those patients who are at high risk of hospital admission should they contract the Coronavirus (or COVID-19 if you want to be technical) to advise them to fully isolate themselves for a minimum of 12 weeks. Thankfully, for the majority of you who remain fit, healthy and strong, you will not have received this letter, but I am sure you are aware that COVID-19 can infect anyone, of any age and in any state of health, and people who feel perfectly well can be infected without knowing and pass it on to someone else who could get extremely ill. So we all have to follow the lockdown rules to keep ourselves and everyone else safe

As a practice, we recognise that lockdown is particularly hard on people of your age group – your teen years are a time for education, spending more time outside the family and socialising, and you have been massively held back from doing all three!  We wanted to let you know we are still here to help you with any physical or emotional medical needs you may have. 

We are trying to become as IT savvy as many of you already are, mainly doing phone/video consultations and starting to use texts and e-mails. We are starting to update and develop our practice website and use social media platforms to provide messaging and support. {check out}

Currently, we will need to consult with you by phone or video as the best way to keep you safe. 

We have heard some very good questions from young people about their healthcare and COVID-19. We hope that our answers help you cope with the restrictions that lockdown or self-isolation may have on your overall well-being.

Trustworthy UK COVID-19 information websites

NHS ( website COVID-19 advice:

Government ( websiteCOVID-19 advice:

COVID-19 Sleep tips from Evelina Children’s Hospital:

COVID-19 Sleep tips from the PHSE Association;—-home-learning-lesson-plans-healthy

Websites with a variety of  Young People-focused resources 

Anna Freud (Links to number of wellbeing resources, list of sources of help for those with urgent needs):

Childline (Help and advice on a wide range of issues):

Health for Young People (Advice & information on sexual health, mental health and long-term conditions):

The Mix (Helpline, 24/7 crisis support, chatrooms, information, stories, games and  apps):

Young People’s (Wide range of links to valuable resources):

Top tips for parents to help their young person (What’s that doing here?  -Might be handy to show them the advice if you are having trouble telling them what help you need?):

Keeping fit and active at home

Joe Wicks – (250+ free home workouts):

Les Mills Free online workout classes: (HIIT, Cardio, BodyJam/Dance, BodyCombat, Born To Move and Meditation):

NHS Fitness Studio (12 instructor-led videos – aerobic exercise (includes Belly dancing!) and strength and resistance training);

NHS Physical active guidelines for children and young people:

 Mental health and well-being

Calmharm  (Free app to help resist urges to self-harm – learn to surf the waves!):

Clearfear  (Free app to help with managing anxiety):

Headspace  (Website and app to learn mindfulness, let go of worrying thoughts, free extended access during COVID=19):

Future Learn (Website with courses on managing mental health)

Kooth (free, confidential, anonymous online counselling service for young people aged 11-18):

MeeTwo  (Helps you to talk about difficult things):

MindfulGnats (Helps develop mindfulness and relaxation skills):

MindShift (Canadian app with advice managing anxiety and depression):

MoodGym (Interactive program to help with low mood):

Recharge-move well, sleep well, be well (Program to help improve mood and energy levels):

Sleepio  (online sleep improvement programme):

Smiling Mind  (Free mindfulness and meditation app – learn to free your mind from troubling thoughts): for info.  Get it from the app store. 

SuperBetter  (Games to build personal resilience and boost physical and emotional wellbeing):

Young Minds (Children & young people’s mental health):

Staying safe online and in relationships

ThinkUknow (advice and support if relationships get out of hand, you need to report harassment, stalking or abuse or you’re worried about a friend):

NHS – Young Carers’ Rights (Your choices, your rights and how to get support if you are looking after somebody else):

Zipit (app to help you keep flirty chat under control and resist pressure to do things that make you uncomfortable);

We care about you – please keep safe and healthy