Asthma and COPD Checks


Most patients on regular steroid treatment for Asthma and COPD are eligible for their annual flu vaccination. You should receive an invitation from the practice but you can check your eligibility and book an appointment by calling the practice.

Please Note: Patients ONLY taking a RELIEVER inhaler (usually a blue inhaler) and not taking any other steroid treatements are not eligible for a flu vaccination based on this. However, if you are concerned about flu, most pharmacies offer the vaccination to over 18s for a fee similar to a prescription cost. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE SURGERY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE.

Annual Review

It is important that those diagnosed with Asthma or COPD and are on regular treatment, get an annual check by a healthcare professional.

At Trinity Medical Centre when your annual Asthma or COPD review is due we will contact you and run through as many questions as we can on the phone with you.

We may point you in the direction of some videos for inhaler technique or refer you on to community or hospital based treatment plans if we feel you will benefit from them. We may also ask our specialist Asthma Nurse to give you a call back for further advice and review.

We will try to do most of this over the phone to avoid you having to make a trip into surgery but if the team feel they would benefit from doing the review face to face they will arrange an appointment with you.

Children & Young People

Patients under 18 with Asthma will be managed by our specialist Asthma Nurse. They will be contacted annually as adults would be and will discuss similar things as above with the parent/carer or the young person themselves.

Managing your Asthma / COPD

You should be given an Asthma/COPD management plan when you are diagnosed and this will be reviewed every year. This will detail your treatment and what to do should you have any worsening symptoms. There is a sample asthma management plan here:

The British Lung Foundation has produced a COPD action plan. The template can be found here;

Inhaler Technique

If you need help on how to take your inhalers, the Asthma UK website has a whole host of information and videos showing the correct techniques for the inhalers you have been prescribed. These can be found here: