Asthma and COPD

Annual Review

For information about how our new annual review process works; click here for more information.

Children & Young People

Patients under 18 with Asthma will be managed by our specialist Asthma Nurse. They will be contacted annually as adults would be and will discuss similar things as above with the parent/carer or the young person themselves.

Managing your Asthma / COPD

You should be given an Asthma/COPD management plan when you are diagnosed and this will be reviewed every year. This will detail your treatment and what to do should you have any worsening symptoms. There is a sample asthma management plan here:

The British Lung Foundation has produced a COPD action plan. The template can be found here;

Inhaler Technique

If you need help on how to take your inhalers, the Asthma UK website has a whole host of information and videos showing the correct techniques for the inhalers you have been prescribed. These can be found here: