Test Results

If you have had any kind of test or investigation that was ordered by the surgery, the results should return to the surgery and become available on our clinical system.

You will generally be advised on the time frame for the results when they clinician orders your tests, or when the tests are carried out.

When your results have been received and reviewed by the practice, a number of things may happen such as;

  • You may receive a text message advising you that your results are normal or asking you to collect a prescription from your nominated pharmacy.
  • You may receive a text message giving general health advice based on your results. This will generally be a link to information either on our website or another Government or NHS website.
  • You may receive a text message advising you to book an appointment with a clinician. You should then contact the surgery at your convenience to book. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem but it may be routine practice.
  • If we do not hold a mobile number for you, someone from the practice may call you to ask you to book an appointment or pick up a prescription or information leaflet.
  • We do not routinely call patients if their result are normal, however you can ring or call into reception and obtain the results yourself.
  • If a clinician feels your results need urgent attention they will call you on the contact numbers we hold for you and speak to you or ask you to ring the surgery as soon as possible if you are not available.

If you think your results should be ready but you haven’t received any communication from the practice please contact our reception staff who will be able to advise you of any action that needs to be taken,  if any. Please call the practice after 2pm to obtain or discuss your results.