Medical & Nurse Students


Upon commencing your placement you will be allocated a Tutor Contact who will oversee your progress throughout the time you are with us.


You will be given your timetable prior to your first week at the surgery. We ask that you let us know of any prior arrangements/holiday leave/study leave at the earliest convenience to allow us to amend timetables and surgery rotas.

If you have any specific interests, please let us know prior to your placement so that we can try and tailor your timetable.


You will be required to provide your own stethoscope. The practice will provide any other equipment you need.


As you are working with the general public you will be required to have an up to date Hep B status.


You will be required to attend both surgeries. Upon receipt of your timetable you will be expected to arrange your own transportation between the surgeries. Some of our doctors may be travelling to the other surgery if you would like to arrange lifts please do so with them directly.


We have a library available to all staff that has computers as well as a range of books and multimedia to support your education.

Should you require any educational sessions whilst you are at our practice these will be arranged prior to your commencement.


There are lockers available at Trinity Medical Centre for student use. We ask that belongings are not left in the lockers overnight.


Students have a dedication kitchen located at the old Grove side of Trinity Medical Centre. There is a fridge and other basic cooking facilities available. There are also computers in there available for research/studying purposes.

There is a library also located on the old Grove side of Trinity Medical Centre. As well as a wealth of literature there are also computers available for research/studying purposes.


If you are unable to attend a session for any reason please inform the surgery as soon as possible by calling the surgery on 01924 784101. All absences are recorded and reported to the appropriate departments.