GP Care Wakefield

What is “GP Care Wakefield delivering GP Extended Hours”?

This is the name of the Wakefield-wide GP-led primary care service delivering GP extended opening hours.  The service is commissioned by Wakefield CCG and delivered by Wakefield GPs.

The service is required to provide an improved system-wide,urgent-care service with access to primary care extended hours, 7 days a week,for the population of the Wakefield District. The service specification describes the service as;

“A collaborative model of Primary Care that
will deliver a consistent and streamlined offer of urgent care response during
evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the Wakefield District population”.


GP Care Wakefield Opening Hours

The Service is open 7 days a week, every day of the year

Monday-Friday: 6pm-10pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9am-3pm

The service starts on 05 September 2017 starting with 8 practices with more practices being added each week until all practices are on board week commencing 10 October.  The service will continue to provide more capacity and capability to meet the service specification through October and November 2017.


What will the service deliver?

GP Care Wakefield will initially have three elements to the service delivery:

1. A Telephone Advice and Booking (Triage)Centre

A telephone triage service, run by trained clinicians. Patients needing same-day care can access it directly through their own GP practices telephone numbers which will be automatically diverted when the service is open. It will also receive patients diverted from 111 and LCD. This centre is based at Trinity Medical Centre.

The clinicians in this service will assess patients’ needs and advise about the best course of action. If deemed necessary, they will then book the patients a same-day appointment with the service GP or ANP.

There is no walk-in access to same day appointments in this service.

2. Same day GP/ANP appointments

Patients will be offered face-to-face GP and ANP appointments when needed on the same day. These appointments will be booked by the triage clinicians.

The face to face same day care clinics will initially be based at two sites; Trinity Medical Centre and Pontefract Hospital.

3. Routine Care appointments

Patients will also be able to access routine care appointments in the service. These appointments
will be booked by the patient contacting his or her own practice and being offered appointments in the GP Care Wakefield service.

The face to face routine care clinics will initially be based at one site; Trinity Medical Centre. Plans under way to deliver the same service on the East as well

Initially routine Care will be delivered up to 8pm during the week and up to 1pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays


Who owns the service?

The service is owned collectively by the GPs in Wakefield through the recently established confederation – Conexus.  Conexus has engaged the support of local primary care providers to deliver the service. The two partners are Local Care Direct and Trinity Medical Centre.

Local Care Direct are leading the provision of services on the Pontefract site

Trinity Medical Centre are leading the provision of services on the Trinity Medical Centre site, they are also providing the telephone triage offer for the service.

Patients throughout the district will have the same access to the service and will not be aware of the different arrangements in the background that are needed to deliver this service.


How is the service staffed?

The service will begin using clinical staff who have already been engaged in delivering Extended Opening Hours schemes across the district. We will also offer to engage new clinical staff from within the district to deliver this service.  There is no mandatory requirement for any GP, ANP, triage practitioner or other primary care staff member to work in the service.

Triage staff will be engaged through a number of routes including the existing Trinity Care Wakefield triage staff, staff recruited specifically to the extended hours service and staff from a nursing agency.

All staff will have full induction training prior to starting work in this service.

The service has a dedicated project team to set up the service and an admin team to support the service as it is being built.


Current extended opening hours schemes

The current four extended opening hours schemes in Wakefield will cease operating as GP Care Wakefield starts operating. Plans are in place so that the patient experience is no different during the
transitional period, when accessing the service.


How patients can access the service

Patients will access this service directly through calling their own GP practice number. The telephone line for every practice will be diverted to the service advice and booking centre during its opening hours.


What are the benefits for patients?

The service will provide better access to care for patients when their practices are closed. Delivering the service across the whole of the Wakefield District allows for a comprehensive, consistent, resilient and efficient service.

Patients will benefit from direct and easy access to clinicians who will have access to their clinical records, can assess
their condition and advise them about the best course of action needed to assist with their health or medical problem.

Patients will be offered an appointment with the service GP or ANP on the same day if needed.


Where will patients be seen?

The service will start by having two face to face consultation sites one in the east at Pontefract Hospital and one in the west at Trinity Medical Centre. This arrangement will be constantly reviewed and additional sites will be added depending on demand.

Patients who require home visits will continue to receive those from Local Care Direct


Communication about the new service

We have worked with the Wakefield CCG communication team to produce a variety of materials to communicate this service to patients. These materials are being made available through the practices.

Online and social media communication channels will also be available once the service is fully functioning


Feedback and Complaints

Patients using the service who want to feedback or complain about the level of care provided by this service may choose to do so through their practices’ usual complaints procedures.

The practice will forward the complaint to the extended hours service manager who will oversee the investigation process and pull together a service response to the patient.

The complaint will be logged with the extended hours service and not with the receiving GP practice, the patient’s GP
practice will receive a copy of the complaint response.