Baby Clinics & Childhood Immunisations


It is important that children are given vaccinations on time for the best protection. This starts when they are 8 weeks old and will also include a health check for both mum and baby. For a full list of vaccinations and when they should be given, click this link below to the NHS website:

Reminders for vaccinations are sent centrally from NHS England as well as from the surgery. We strongly recommend you contact us as soon as you receive these reminders so that we can try and get you an appropriate appointment.

For tips on vaccinations and how to help your child please see this page on the NHS website;

Registering your Baby

It is important to register your baby with the practice as soon as possible after they are born.

The practice will receive a notification from the hospital or community midwives to tell us how you gave birth and if there were any complications for mother or baby. We will then send a letter inviting you to register baby and this will include an appointment for an 8-week check for both mum and baby. It is important that you register baby with the practice before this check so that we can ensure we keep up to date records on health information and vaccinations.

8 Week Check

The 8-week check is a thorough physical examination of baby where the GP will check eyes, heart, hips and – for boys – testicles. They’ll also have their weight, length and head circumference measured. The GP will also ask mum about how you’ve been feeling emotionally and physically since the birth of your baby.

A nurse will then discuss vaccinations with you and will administer them if you consent. We recommend you have baby Calpol available to give your baby after their 8-week immunisations to treat any raise in temperature that may occur. A slight raise in temperature completely normal and more information can be found here:

Red Book

All new babies will be given a personal child health record, this is commonly known as the Red Book.

This record will include all your child’s checks, growth charts, immunisations and will be completed by various healthcare professionals involved in the care of your child. You can also add information to this record yourself such as when they lost teeth, illnesses they have had and medications they have taken.

In light of COVID-19 and to enable a more joined up health record, the NHS now provide the Red Book in digital format online or via the App. We encourage all patients to utilise this instead of the physical red book as this will also reduce infection transmission.

Special Circumstances

We know that not every pregnancy and birth are the same so if there are special circumstances surrounding a birth or pregnancy please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure all patients get the right care. This includes things like adoption, fostering or surrogacy.