Access to Medical Records

The practice often receives requests for copies of a patients medical records. These may be from a patient, their carer/guardian or a legal company they have instructed on their behalf.


The process to request a copy of a patients medical records is;

Ask at reception (or download and print) an access form entitled APPLICATION FOR ACCESS TO MEDICAL RECORDS

Ensure that the form is fully completed, using a separate sheet of paper if necessary, and return it together with some ID if possible.

If you do not already have online access, you will be asked to verify your conta ct details and sent a unique username and password. This will allow you Online Access

Your request will be reviewed by a GP and you will be advised of the decision or given access within 1 calendar month.

If your records are released you will be advised that they are ready to view via your online access account. From here you can print or download as required.


The process is the same if a solicitors and other legal bodies requesting patient records either as instructed by the patient, or by legal order. For more information on this please refer to the practice policy.

If a report is required and needs to be completed on a template provided by the solicitor or other legal body, there may be a charge.