Online Access

Our practice clinical system is SystmOne. This allows our patients to login to various services via SystmOnline.

The SystmOnline system is available either;

– Online –

– Via the App (available on iOS and Android)

Services Available

Using your unique login details you can access the following services;

– View, book, amend and cancel appointments

– View and order repeat medication

– View your Summary Medical Information

– View your recent medication

– View your full coded clinical record (upon request)

– Complete questionnaires

– Amend your details such as phone numbers, email addresses etc. 

Requesting Access

All new patients are given an application for access when they register with the practice. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is available via online access there are a few steps we must take before we can issue login details.

1. When you complete the application you must either show us 2 forms of identification OR verify information from your records (a receptionist will ask you questions about your medical history to verify that you are who you say you are)

2. The application is sent to our Admin Team who will send a verification message to either your email address or mobile phone number.

3. The verification message will contain a link to the SystmOnline site. Here you must enter your date of birth.

4. We will check that you have completed the verification message correctly and then issue a username and password to that email address or mobile number.

You can request access online by completing the form below. One of our Admin Team will give you a call and ask you to verify information from your records over the phone. 




Requesting Access for Another Patient (including children)

Access for another patient known as Proxy Access. It is complicated and the guidelines are very complex. Below is a brief outline;

If the patient is under 12 a parent or someone with legal guardian status for the child can request access to the childs records. This access will be granted until the child reaches the age of 12.

If the patient is between 12 and 16 there are a number of options but first the child must be assessed for competency. This can be done during an appointment with a GP or occasionally over the phone.

If the child is deemed competent they can either request access to their own online services OR consent to a parent having access on their behalf (Proxy Access)

If the child is deemed to be not competent in understanding their own health care requirements then a parent or legal guardian will be allowed to request access for a limited period. The child should then be reviewed in the agreed time frame OR when the child feels they are competent, whichever comes first.

If the patient is over 16 similar to above, the patient would be assessed for competency and based on the decision of the GP they can either; consent to another patient having access on their behalf OR another patient can apply for access on their behalf based on their lack of competency.

The only instance where a GP does not need to assess for competency is if a patient has the power of attorney over another patient. Even in these instances a GP can decide that a proxy access to this patients online services would not be in the patients best interests.

Please contact the surgery if you would like to request access for a child or another patient.

Please see below more information on Online Access (or the Patient Online as it is known by NHS England)

Patient Online Leaflet