Carers @ Trinity Medical Centre

Every day 6,000 people become carers. Many don’t know how or where to get help. It can be frightening and very lonely.For some it’s sudden: someone you love is taken ill or has an accident, your child is born with a disability. For others, caring creeps up unnoticed: your parents can’t manage on their own any longer, your partner’s health gets gradually worse. Carers UK

At Trinity Medical Centre we like to believe we have support available for all our patients but we understand that sometimes additional support may be needed for our patients that are caring for others.

Carers rarely see themselves as the patient, but here at TMC we want to make sure all carers are given the support and treatment they need. This may range from making sure you get your flu vaccination every year to making you aware of support available in the community and wider organisations.


to be able to offer our patients this support, we need to know that you are a Carer. In order to do this you can let any of the practice staff know when you next contact the surgery.

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